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Jiří Petr

In my professional career, I have gone through numerous stages from electrical engineering to software development and lecturing at a university of applied sciences to the position of a CEO at a SME. With this broad background of experience, I have now come to the decision to found my own company – R&F-IT.

I would like to use this platform to support you in various areas in which I have gained experience.

Das Schreiben auf einem Computer

You can profit from this experience:

Company management

  • Financial management of an SME

  • Recruitment of new employees

  • Conducting employee interviews

  • Strategy development

  • Acquisition of new customers, preparation of offers

  • Contract negotiations

Management experience

  • Management of a company with up to 35 employees

  • Management of partly international project teams with up to 15 employees

  • Technology management (building and leading teams)

Soft Skills

  • Resilience, good communication skills, integrity, pro-active attitude, adaptiveness, flexibility, anticipation skills.

  • Good troubleshooter


  • One patent application (mobile payment)

  • One patent clarification (medical device management)

  • Solution, specification and prototype development of various potential software products together with the customer

Technical skills

  • Requirements engineering (CPRE Foundation Level certificate)

  • Creation of specification documents

  • System and software architecture

  • Specification of various protocols

  • Defining and optimizing business processes

  • Software Engineering (Product Owner and Hermes 5 certificates)

  • Implementation of numerous partly technically demanding software solutions

Training competences

  • Lecturing of various subjects at a university of applied sciences

  • Preparation and execution of trainings for customers

Current engagement

  • Co-founder and board member of DIN Chapter Solothurn

  • Member of the board FöV HFTM

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